WHAT Was I Thinking?

Why am I doing this?  A website…..really?  A blog…….what?  

 Sometimes, we do things without quite knowing why before hand, right?  Not always the best way to approach life,  but there you have it.  Some of these are small things,  like eating a bag of potato chips, while others are huge, like pulling up stakes and moving cross country!  Here I sit, on the lower end of that scale, with starting a website about artistic journeys.    [Well, MY artistic journey to be exact].  What on earth was I thinking?

Who cares about my journey?  I am no one of renown, with no art education to speak of.   My childhood was not traumatic and my adulthood has been unremarkable.   There is nothing about me that could not be said of a gazillion other people.  

And there in lies part of the story.  You, Friend, could be just like me. We are not special.  We are just finally admitting to ourselves that somewhere within us  lies an “artist”!  (Some would call it a “creative”.)  The urge to express ourselves through any creative medium is finding its way to the surface and we want to embrace it!  

But that can be frightening for many reasons.  It can feel out of reach.  It may seem selfish.  It might go against everything we ever believed about ourselves. The list goes on! Trust me, I know!  

But it can also be fun, exciting, inspiring, surprising.  This list also goes on and on! Just as important, it can be healing, soothing and so good for our spiritual and mental health!  

So yes, I jumped into having a website because I thought I should?!?  It has been challenging on many levels.  Even though I have hired a new artist friend (who also does marketing) to do the bulk of the set up, I also must contribute and that has tested my patience! As I try to use and understand social media, I find there is much to dislike! Why am i doing this again? 

Here’s why…….I want to encourage those of you who are feeling “the urge”!

In sharing my ups and downs, my insecurities, the things I have learned and accepted about myself, I might make it easier for you to grow on this journey!  I believe art and it’s creation can be such a positive experience in our lives.  If I can help you in any way by sharing, then that is a win for both of us!

Oh, and I want to share my art with lots of people!

Thank you for joining me.

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