Look for the Glimmers

There are so many opportunities in our day-to-day lives for stress, negativity, disappointment, irritation, yada yada yada!

So….I propose we work to create an awareness of glimmers.  Have you heard of glimmers? Can you guess what a glimmer is?  Well, I will tell you!

Glimmers are moments, sometimes fleeting, sometimes sustained. They can be so tiny they can be missed or huge and in your face! Glimmers are surprises, they catch us in the moment. They are a tickle in your tummy, or a thrill in your heart. They can occur many times a day.

Let me explain.  As I went to do my stationary bike ride this afternoon, I remembered that the newest episode of The Great British Baking Show was available to watch.  This idea brought a moment of delight, a tickle in my tummy.  This was a glimmer!  The other day I bit into a pear and it was total perfection.  Another tickle in my tummy…glimmer!  Several days back after a rare rainfall here in Arizona I was noticing the smell of damp earth and dust, and I knew this aroma was called PETRICHOR.  It put a tickle in my tummy to have remembered this word…..glimmer!  These are small glimmers and easily missed, but delightful when acknowledged.

Sometimes, as I spend time with family, especially those rarely seen, I realize I am so in love, and I get a full out thrill in my heart….glimmer!  Or after walking through my front door, I suddenly realize how much I love my home.  Another thrill in my heart…..gimmer!

Each time this happens I stop and say “glimmer”, fully acknowledging the moment.  My mood is elevated a notch, my day made brighter.  I am so thankful for these moments!

It could be it happens the other way around.  You notice the tickle in your tummy and realize what is happening!  Either way, I offer the challenge:  Create an awareness of your glimmers and see just how elevated and bright your day can become!